Lady Boss Collective brings women “solo-preneurs” together for support, guidance and inspiration.

When you start a business, the excitement and challenge is energizing, but going it alone can sometimes feel isolating and overwhelming. 

You need people around you who are on your side on the good days and the bad ones. You need a safe space where you can vent, share, celebrate, laugh (and maybe cry). 

That is why we created Lady Boss Collective.

What is Lady Boss Collective?

Lady Boss Collective is a professional organization that brings women who are running small businesses together to provide support, offer guidance and share inspiration.

Think of it as your tribe, your team, your work sisters, your power circle…many words describe it, but the experience is the same.

You’ll share the adventure of business ownership with great women who understand the risks (and the rewards) of being a solo entrepreneur. 

It Starts with the Cohorts

Cohorts are groups of 6-8 women who come together in person and online to share ideas, celebrate successes, solve problems. They’re your first stop for listening, ideas and encouragement, because they understand what you face as the leader of a small business.

Do you have questions? We have answers!