The Lady Boss Collective cohorts are at the center of the organization. 

How Cohorts Are Selected

One of the most important roles the Lady Boss organization plays is curating the cohorts. We want to create groups that build trust, share experiences and encourage success. 

We’ve found that the ideal cohorts include Members that stretch across industries, professional experience and business tenure foster the most engaging conversations.

Because we know that candor requires trust and confidentiality, we don’t allow competitors or vendors to be in the same cohort.

Cohort Components

Monthly Meet-Ups

These 90-minute, in-person sessions use a recurring agenda structure to spark conversation, solve problems and celebrate successes within each cohort.

Cohort Leaders

Each cohort has a leader who moderates meet-ups and helps coordinate activities. They’re active Members of the cohort and serve as a “player/coach” for the group.


Engagement doesn’t end when the meet-ups are over. We use tools like Slack to make it easy to continue conversations and share updates between meet-ups.

Why Cohorts Work

Cohorts create a unique environment for sharing the experience of running a business. It’s a confidential space that encourages thoughtful, open conversation about the challenges and opportunities you experience every day. Every member is ready to listen, to help solve problems and to be your biggest fans. 

How do we know? Because our “beta” cohort operated for over 2 years before Lady Boss Collective launched. 


Cohort Leaders

If you want to play a bigger role with your cohort, you might be a great fit for Cohort Leader! As a “player/coach”, you’ll moderate the meet-ups and help coordinate Cohort activities. Most importantly, you’ll continue to be a fully participating Member of your Cohort.  If you’re interested, check the box on your application.

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