Lady Boss Collective is about connecting and sharing. Here’s how we do it.


The monthly in-person conversations use recurring topics (Icebreaker, Celebrations, Group Brainstorming) to encourage dialogue so members can share ideas and issues in a safe space.

Connecting Online

Each cohort will have an online space to connect between meet-ups. Some cohorts share podcast recommendations and create playlists to keep the conversation going.


Many cohorts come up with unique ideas for events. Combining a meet-up with a holiday celebration, creating a running group or going to external events can help bring a cohort together. 

Combo Cohorts

We’re creating “Combo Cohorts” to bring Members together for a shared meet-up. These will include a guest speaker and time to meet Members in other cohorts. 

LBC Newsletter

The monthly newsletter is an easy way to stay in touch with the entire LBC community. They expand on topics explored in cohorts while spotlighting current Members.

Tools & Resources

We’ve started a library of tools and resources that can be shared online or in meet-ups, including a Member Directory so you can easily reach out to collaborate.  

Additional Benefits

We’re proud to partner with organizations that provide education, networking and other business resources to women entrepreneurs.

The following organizations offer discounts to Lady Boss Collective Members:

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