We know you have questions – here are answers to the ones we hear most often. 

About Lady Boss Collective

Business planning may be a topic within your cohort, but other organizations (such as the Small Business Administration) can be more helpful in providing tools and training for business plans.

We specifically designed LBC to be a support organization, not a networking vehicle. That said, we know some of you may find (and welcome) opportunities to work together and don’t want to discourage that. But it is not a venue for sales or promotion.

We conduct an annual member survey, so be sure to participate! You can also send an email to michelle@ladybosscollective.org anytime. 


Because LBC is a member-focused organization, we don’t release our member list for sales or promotional purposes.

Yes, we have a company page. We also encourage members to identify their membership on individual LinkedIn profiles so you can easily find each other to connect. 

We are not a non-profit today but expect to transition to 501(c)6 non-profit status in the next 1-2 years.

Joining Lady Boss Collective

Right now, we don’t have that option. If we get enough interest, we’ll certainly look at adding it!

We’ve learned that a wide range of experiences is valuable for a cohort, so we’ve asked that question on the application. It really doesn’t matter.

Because each meet-up is highly personal and confidential, we can’t allow guests. But we’re can often connect you with a current member so you can ask questions.

Your dues cover your membership, cohort creation, online tools/resources and  overall coordination. They do not include costs for meet-up locations or special events. They also do not include costs for cohort-specific activities (such as holiday parties). However, we expect that each cohort will collectively agree on expenditures that affect its members.

Michelle created LBC specifically with global participants in mind. We’ve started with a global pricing model and will continue to expand our support of global members through translations, events and other activities

Most often, our members are Founders, but there are always exceptions. The key is that you have to be the person who is primarily responsible for the business’s success, not an employee of someone else.

We ask about your professional experience only to help create diverse cohorts. We welcome every woman who is running her own business to join.

We recognized that as a company increases in size there are more opportunities to join professional associations – we want to fill the gap that remains for leaders of small, individually-led businesses.

Our goal is to form good cohorts as quickly as possible…but we won’t rush it just to get people in the door. We commit to updating you about our progress, and membership dues don’t begin until you are in a cohort.

Being a Lady Boss Collective Member

Our goal is to have one “cohort combo” event each year in cites with multiple cohorts. You also have access to the member directory and can reach out to members directly.

We’re continually working to identify discount opportunities for our members and all current discounts are posted HERE.  Some members might also offer discounts to LBC members; those are noted in the member directory.

The member directory is posted on the Member Portal, which becomes available when you join.

Because joining LBC is a commitment, we only offer prorated refunds in specific instances (change in business status, relocation, health/personal issue) and each request must be approved by Michelle Calcagni.

About the Cohorts

We carefully determine which cohort is best for each member, so though you can ask, there are no guarantees that will be your assigned cohort. 

We like to bring new members together to form a cohort so they can develop trust and experience together. But  timing doesn’t always cooperate, so we work with each individual member to find a cohort that fits best.

No, cohorts are deliberately created to bring together people of diverse industries.

Under the guidance of the Cohort Leader, each Cohort decides where to meet. Some cohorts use meeting rooms at public spaces (libraries) or rent a meeting room through online services like Peerspace. Other cohorts meet at member homes or offices.

If you don’t think your assigned cohort is a fit, the first step is to reach out to member services. If there is a specific issue that we can resolve, we will. But we know sometimes circumstances mean that a change is better, and we’ll work to get you placed in a different cohort.

Leading a Cohort

We suggest that cohort leaders commit to leading the cohort for a full year. It helps a great deal with continuity.

Every cohort leader receives a welcome package with a sample agenda, checklist for meet-ups and other tools. In late 2019, we will introduce a leader portal where you can access tools and chat with other leaders online.


The first meet-up typically is spent getting to know each other and understanding what brought you to Lady Boss, so it has a unique agenda. Whenever possible, our Founder will come to kick off a cohort.

Guest speakers will only be at special LBC events such as the Combo Cohorts. We’ve done this for two reasons: first, we’ve learned that the meet-ups are most engaging when only the cohort participates, and second, there are other organizations that sponsor guest speakers so members can find that resource elsewhere.

The agenda we’ve developed is flexible and only three topics need to be included in each meet-up: an icebreaker activity, celebrations and group problem-solving.