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Membership Requirements

 Lady Boss Collective is specifically for women who are leading small independent businesses. Check the list of requirements below to see if you’d be a fit:

You spend at least 50% of your work time on your business. 

You have 10 (or fewer) employees working for your company.

You are the primary (or majority) owner of your business. 

You can attend one 90 minute in-person meeting each month.  

You will participate in online discussions and activities.

Membership Responsibilities

Lady Boss Collective works because our Members agree to a shared set of responsibilities.

Open Minded

Welcome new perspectives. 


Be yourself.


Abide by all LBC policies. 


What is said within your cohort stays in your cohort. 


Make time to attend meet-ups and participate online.


Share your thoughts openly and equally. 


Provide your best insights and counsel. 


Lady Boss Collective pricing is set on an annual (January-December) basis.

If you become a Member mid-year, membership costs will be pro-rated.

Membership begins on the first of the month of your first cohort meet-up.

Current pricing: $249/year for U.S. Members – pricing for global Members is available on request. 

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